Opal Pendant

10 carat Ethiopian Teardrop opal set in 14k yellow gold setting with genuine amethyst accent mounted on 18" 14k gold chain

Mounted in 925 sterling silver on 18" sterling silver chain

11mm lab created quartz which was made specifically to used for the windows of  the 1970's NASA space station called SkyLab.  This stone was cut by Eric J. Moen.  This stone was not used in space, but was intended to be used as window material for SkyLab.

Was $1295.00

​NOW  $690.00 Plus Tax


​American Turquoise Pendant


​$225.00 Plus tax


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Exquisitely cut 10.2mm round Noble Orthoclase pendant.  This is a rare gemstone seldom seen available for sale in the United States.  This is perfectly transparent with a pleasant lemon yellow hue.  Mounted 18" sterling silver chain.

​$199.00 Plus tax

Black Opal and Diamond Pendant

​SkyLab Quartz Pendant

Natural Light Blue Topaz Pendant

​$39.00 Plus tax

Genuine blue topaz. 12mm round on 20" sterling silver chain.

Genuine Australian black opal with 20 genuine diamond accents set in 14k yellow gold pendant on 18" 14k yellow gold chain. 1/10ct total diamond weight.

Genuine American turquoise cabochon pendant set in 925 sterling silver.  18" sterling silver chain.

​Noble Orthoclase